Sunday, December 6, 2009

How To Make a Small Room Bigger

My roommate "Rosa" and I have experienced a recurring problem within our teeny 10'x15' room all semester... how do we make it seem bigger? Taking our the option of knocking a few walls down, we have - over the last few months- experimented with various furniture configurations. We have two twin beds (not bunked), two wardrobes (not movable - bolted to the wall), two desks, a book shelf, and a mini-fridge. The fact that we have room to walk around at all in our room is simply astounding.

Through our attempts to make floorspace, Rosa and I have become experts at Tetris. Not the actual game, but the concept. Rearranging things to make more space when you have none does indeed seem to be a necessary talent in dorms.

One of the many problems with configuration experimentation is... you need free time! Free time... in college?! Don't make me laugh. The worst part of it all is that just as Rosa and I have mostly figured out a system that works... she decides she wants to move back to her home state... I had to find a new roommate.

Never fear! I managed to find my secretly-separated-at-birth twin sister, and she has agreed to move in with me! So I get a new roommate... and her three snakes and various musical instruments... Oh boy.

Just the other day we sat in my room for about four hours, discussing how to:
1- fit all of her stuff and my stuff in the same room without killing each other for space,
2- plan how we wanted the desks and beds configured,
3- how she was going to build a loft for her snakes' cage and put her instruments under it,
and much, much more.

My "new" roommate, we shall call her Seri, is also quite skilled at "Tetris." We've agreed to some major changes in the room (some of which involve flipping the beds over and hitting the frame with rocks to put the bed on a higher notch) that will give the more cramped room an airier feeling. We've also agreed upon certain methods of retaliation when our next-door neighbors blast their music at two in the afternoon... our speakers can go louder than theirs.