Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm Living in a Pigsty!!!

I have an amazing roommate at College X, let's just call her... Rosa. Now Rosa and I came to a certain conclusion about our room rather quickly after we moved in. There are things that live in the dorms... some of them move and some of them ooze. The first week in our new "home" we discovered we had fleas living in our carpet. We coated everything with bug spray, and spritzed our ankles before going to bed.

My roommate and I suffered very little compared to some of our other dorm mates. A woman down two floors was harvested by bed bugs every night for a few weeks.

Fleas living in the carpet, silverfish eating holes in clothes left on the floor, and fruit flies buzzing around your breakfast became a common occurrence. But it was still nasty.

My roommate and I reached our breaking point only a few weeks later. Both completely frustrated by the amount of stuff that had built up, we spent the better part of a weekend cleaning our room, consolidating boxes, and ranting about the black ooze growing in the shower stalls down the hall.

How does this relate to nagging mothers? Come on, you know why. For years, mommy dearest tells us to clean our rooms. "It's a fire hazard!" "It looks bad!" "It smells awful!!!" But what mom really liked to say was "I don't know how you can live like this!" And now I can honestly say, I can't anymore.

Living in a dorm is slightly different from living at home. For one, your room is half the size, and you share it with another person. Also, everything you own is kept in that same 10x15 room - your dishes, your textbooks, your groceries, your clothes, your pots and pans... you get the idea?

As I was saying... I am beginning to believe that living in a college dorm has the potential to give a person slightly OCD tendencies. For example: I clean my side of the room three times a week, and can't stand to leave dirty dishes on my desk...

I also learned that opening a questionable can of soda right over homework and right next to a very expensive laptop is a reeeeeeally bad idea. sticky keyboards are no fun.

We have also discovered the bane of every family's existence - grocery shopping.

It is quite possible to spend fifty dollars a week on groceries, or even one hundred if you aren't careful, or if you are stocking up on necessitites (bread, milk, peanut butter). It is absurd how much food costs... and I'm sure every mother is nodding enthusiastically right now.

Some students fill the gap in their lives by buying lots of "things"... I buy food. And I'm still losing weight.

Time to go clean!